Tayler Volk
Tayler Volk is a 7th grader at Gordon Russell. She is heart-warming and always positive. Tayler doesn't have very much time, always busy with school, sports and some weekends she gets to hang out with her close friends. She is on a tournament softball team called Vengeance. Last year she was on the Gordon Russell track team. School is very important to her because when she's older it's a must to go to college.  She needs to go to college so she can be a doctor or a vet. She wants to help people, but for a living. At home she has a dog that is the love of her life named Maggie. Maggie is a half lab half English Pointer. Tayler's parents got divorced when she was six and still are. At her dad's she has roommates, Chloe age 7 and Gauge age 9.  They are the children of  her dad's friends, Brian and Brook.  She looks at them like siblings she's never had. At Tayler's mom's house it's only her and her mom. Tayler's favorie color is blue. Her birthday is December 18th, 2004. Tayler's favorite subject is math. Lastly, Tayler's favorite candy is Reese's.

Tayler Volk, contributer

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