Jailynn Seet
Meet Jailynn, a spunky and spirited eighth grade student at Gordon Russell Middle School. She's lived her entire life in the wonderful state of Oregon with her mother, father, and two sisters, Marley and Vivian. Language Arts and Social Studies are her two favorite school subjects, and she hopes to teach one of them for a living when she's older. When she's not in school, she's usually at dance class, something she's been passionate about since age two. Before she could even speak a proper sentence, she was begging her parents to let her dance, and since then, nothing has changed.

In the few moments of her life when she's not in school or at dance, Jailynn loves writing, spending time with her friends, and listening to music. The Beatles are her favorite band and her biggest obsession. In fact, in the past year, she's had the opportunity to see both remaining Beatles in concert, and she would say that they were two of the best nights of her life so far. Her friends find her obsession with such an old band strange, and they often joke around with her about it. Other than that, though, they are supportive and caring, and Jailynn loves to hang out with them. Whenever she's not listening to music or messing around with her friends, she's writing. Jailynn has always loved writing stories and poems, and although she rarely shares what she writes, she's been told by friends, family, and even a few teachers that she has a bit of skill in the area. Writing is a great way for her to set her wild imagination free, and is one of her greatest passions.

More than anything, she loves spending time with her two sisters, who double as two of the best friends she could ask for. Jailynn considers herself extremely lucky to have such amazing people with her all the time, even at the times when they don't seem so amazing. Jailynn loves her family, probably more than any other thing in her life.


Jailynn Seet, Contributor

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