Ava Millhollon
Ava is an 8th grader at Gordon Russell Middle School, she enjoys school but is thankful for her free time when she gets it. She taught herself to play piano and practices everyday after school. Her dad taught her how to play guitar and she picked up on it very quickly and is pretty good at it now. Ava also is very athletic and goes to tumbling classes for cheer on Saturdays and sometimes gets private lessons so she can hopefully make Varsity Cheer as a Freshman. When she was 8, Ava joined gymnastics and at 11, she won the Level 7 State Championships on Floor, Bars, Vault and All Around. Although she quit gymnastics, she still has a love for tumbling. On the weekends or at night she likes to watch movies.  Ava's favorite movie is How The Grinch Stole Christmas, she thinks it is hilarious and says she can "watch it at anytime during the year".  When she isn't playing an instrument, at a tumbling class, or watching a movie, Ava is usually shopping with her sister or playing with her dog, Ralph. Ava's sister, Melody, is a Sophomore at Sam Barlow High School, and a Varsity Cheerleader. This year, Ava is looking forward to going to California for her sister's National Cheer Competition. She is excited for this year and hopes she can be successful in school, music and cheer.

Ava Millhollon, Contributor

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