Hobbies at Gordon Russell Middle School Survey

June 6, 2018

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Have you ever wondered what other students do in their spare free time? In this article I will  be showing you what 100 people in this school love to do in their free time. The options were, football, drawing, basketball, TV, swimmi...

Weirdest sports in the world

Jacob Spellman

June 6, 2018

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I'm going to be talking about the weirdest sports in the world. These are the sports Big Toe wrestling, Shin Kicking, Wife carrying, and unicycle hockey. I wrote a article about these weird sports because I thought they were funny. The...

Weirdest Laws

Alex Lowery

June 5, 2018

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Did you know it's illegal to carry away or collect seaweed at night in New Hampshire. You probably didn't. This is why I'm going to be giving a list of 10 of the weirdest laws. It is Illegal to Die in the Houses of Parlia...

Weird Inventions

Weird Inventions

May 10, 2018

Top 5 pizza toppings

Gabe Espinoza, contributor

March 8, 2018

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Did you know  inspectors from Italy come and visit Italian pizza places to make sure they taste delicious? Everyone likes pizza, who doesn’t?  It’s been around since 1889, like 129 years. Pizza usually has a sauce, cheese, and some kind of topping like meat or something. Anyway here's top 5 ...

Top 5 soccer players of 2017

Jacob Spellman, contributor

March 5, 2018

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Soccer was created in the mid- century by England. Charles Wredford Brown from England. I’m going to list the top 5 best soccer players in the world. I listed the top 5 and gave some background of the lives. Cristiano Ronaldo’s...

Top 5 Sneaker Releases of 2017

Thaidan Siharath, Contributor

February 26, 2018

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2018 is here and more sneakers are waiting to be dropped and copped. 2017 was a good year for us sneaker heads, for example, the whole off white collection, even though resell is a bit high the shoes are pretty fire. These sh...

Top Ten NFL Players of the 2017-18

Luke Anderson, Contributor

February 20, 2018

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Do you wonder what players did good in NFL this year? I will be giving you my list of the best NFL players of all this year. Tell me if I missed anything on my list. Hopefully you enjoy   QB Tom Brady: He played his whole career ...

Top 5 Hip-Hop Albums of 2017

Henry Aleman and Andres Ceja

February 20, 2018

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In 1982, a group of African American men named Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five came out with a song called “ The Message” which explained the troubles of the African American community in the Bronx, New York. This so...

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