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9th grade is usually the first year in High School (Freshman year). In High school there are way more opportunities to take more classes than in middle school. In GRMS this is what they are looking forwards to High School…..


We asked 12 people what they are most excited about, this is what they said….


“I get to leave middle school but I’m not too excited because there is a lot of things to do.” -Fartun


“I’m excited so I could get a better education in High School.” -Veronica


Jenalyn “The more options of classes.” -Jenalyn


“Making school easier.” -Alex


“ The more people that will be there.” – Gabe


“Success.” -Thaidan


“Getting good grades and success.” -Kyle


“The wide variety in classes.” -Henry said.


“ To get out of Middle School.” -Andres


“The more difficult classes and the better choir class.” -Toby


“Excited for basketball.” -Jace


“Better classes.” -Reed


The 8th graders are both nervous and excited to go to High School. They are mostly excited to leave Middle School.

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Ready for High School?