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Weirdest sports in the world

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I’m going to be talking about the weirdest sports in the world. These are the sports Big Toe wrestling, Shin Kicking, Wife carrying, and unicycle hockey. I wrote a article about these weird sports because I thought they were funny.

The first sport I will be talking about is Big Toe Wrestling. This sport was founded in Wetton, Derbyshire UK. The sport was created because the locals of Ye Olde Royal Oak inn thought it would be a good idea to hold BIg Toe competitions. It’s really weird because they’re using their toes to fight each other.

Shin Kicking was founded in England. The sport was created because they played the sport in cotswold olimpick games until the games ended. Its really weird because people are kicking each others shins for fun.

Wife carrying was founded in Sonkajarvi, Finland. This man named- Ronkainen and his thieves were accused of stealing food and women, they ran away with them so that’s why it’s called wife running. Its so weird because people are playing a sport that you carry your wife.

Unicycle Hockey, it was first played in the 1995 in a movie. They created the sport just for fun but than people started to get into the sport. It’s really weird because they’re riding unicycles while trying to play hockey.

These are some of the weirdest sports I have found. I personally really liked Big Toe wrestling because people are really touching each others toes and that’s just gross. I hope you enjoyed learning about some weird sports.

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Weirdest sports in the world