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Weird traditions

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There are many traditions out there. Some traditions are specific to countries and some are related to some religions. Today I will be telling you about five interesting traditions from different places.

The first interesting tradition comes from the country Greece.Everybody knows about the tooth fairy, she comes into your room and takes your teeth for some reason and decides to pay you. In Greece it is quite different. Children and their parents will throw their teeth on the roof instead of putting it under the pillow.

The second interesting tradition I’ve found originated from Spain. This tradition is called baby jumping. This is when babies are lined up on mattresses on the street and then men dressed up in a devil suit jump over them. The reason this happens is to keep the devil at bay.

The third tradition is only practiced in Turkey from my knowledge and research. This tradition is known as camel wrestling. This doesn’t happen very often but is known as somewhat dangerous. People that watch this event are encouraged to stay back because during the fight the camels often spit and it usually smells really bad and will stick to the fabric inside of your clothes.

In conclusion there are many different traditions out there. When I reflect on this I realize that all these traditions may be weird or interesting to me but it is also very possible that people from other places may think that my traditions are weird.

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Weird traditions