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What Sport Do You Play?

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Do you play sports? Sports can be played at school or outside of school. We did a survey at Gordon Russell Middle School on May 22, 2018 asking 100 students what sports they play. There was a choice of 14 different sports including basketball, softball, soccer, football, volleyball and many more. Obviously there were some sports that had more votes than others so let us tell you about it.

The most popular vote in this experiment was swimming with 37 votes . Swimming is fun and helpful for when it’s hot outside. There are lots of different things to do in the pool, such as volleyball, water polo and sitting on floaties. The least popular vote was cross country with 1 vote. Cross country is not very popular at this age because people usually do it in high school or college. Cross country is basically running with a  team that you are put together with. If you’ve ever heard of Hood to Coast, it’s like that. Although it can be fun to run and you can become friends with a lot of people. Sadly not many people participate in this sport.

There were also some tied votes in the voting process. With twenty votes, track and field and volleyball tied. Track and field is a great way to getting faster with your running skills and boost your strength. While volleyball works on your arm strength with all the serving, setting and bumping. Also tied with six votes was water polo and karate. Water polo seems very fun to play even though not many people participate in it. Karate also seems very good for your strength building and power. Even though these sports didn´t get many votes they still seem fun to participate in them.

Tayler Volk, a 7th grade student at Gordon Russell says, ¨Sports are both fun and they help you stay active.¨ Another 7th grade student at Gordon Russell named Keira Helling says, ¨ I play softball because itś good to have physical activity after school and having a team makes for team bonding and communication.¨

Sports are a great way to be active after school and to make more friends. Out of 100 students in the school, 37 like to swim. That’s 37% of the people we surveyed. Even though many sports didn´t get many votes it doesn’t mean that they aren’t a great way to get out and exercise.

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What Sport Do You Play?