Mr.Regan his days at Gordon Russell


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Mike Regan is the GRMS band director. He has been teaching here for 24 years. But this year, 2018, is his last year teaching. He has done more than just teach and direct our school’s band, he also has been a person that a lot of students look up to. Mike Regan has achieved lots of things in his life like producing hit songs in his band, The Crazy 8’s. We wanted  to write this article to tell people who have or don’t have band what Mr. Regan is actually like.


Mike Regan is a considerably nice person. On their own free time Mr. Regan and his wife visit shelters that put dogs down, and dog-sits them until they get adopted. He has rescued dogs from the fire in California and the floods in Houston. The way he started saving dogs is because their dog died a few years ago and the pain of adopting another dog would be are to much to handle. Mr. Regan and his wife has helped a lot of dogs in need and are still doing it to this day.


As you know Mike Regan will be leaving Gordon Russell this year. Before you overreact and start throwing a tantrum, just know that Mr. Regan has other plans for this school. Jenna Gagne will be our new band director here. Mr. Regan says that our band will be at our very best with her here. He says one of his very favorite moments in band was his very first band concert. The band was surprisingly good. Also Mr. Regan said that another favorite moment here was probably when he and the marching band marched in the Jr. Rose parade. This is why being in band is so amazing. All the memories.


Believe it or not mr. Regan wasn’t always a band director. He played in a band called the Crazy 8’s. They produced songs like Johnny Q and Law and Order, which were a major hit back in 1984 when they started opening for many large bands. The band got to travel to a lot of places and also perform in a lot of places too. The only state in America that they haven’t performed in is Hawaii. Not only did Mr. Regan and his band travel to lots of places, they also met a bunch of people including former president Bill Clinton. When Mr. Regan was asked to join the Crazy 8’s he believed that the band was going to be a great success. Turns out he was right. The band ended up doing concerts all over.


Mr. Regan has done more than just work at this school. He has been a known band member and also an important part of the dog loving community. He is a great member of our band who is sure to be missed. Mr. Regan has accomplished a lot of things in his life but, during our interview he stated that, “My greatest accomplishments was marrying my wife, and having a child.”

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Mr.Regan his days at Gordon Russell