Saying Goodbye to Mr. Stuhl

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Saying Goodbye to Mr. Stuhl

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As many people know, Mr. Stuhl, our long time teacher at Gordon Russell, will be retiring this year. He’s been teaching a grand total of 40 years, and 25 of those years he spent teaching at Gordon Russell. Though many people will miss him, he knows that it is finally time to take a break.

Since he’s been teaching over half his life, you may think that he didn’t have any other job before. Well, that’s mostly correct. A while back, he had a temporary job at an insurance company as a vice president. Though it was a short amount of time, it was his only other job.

Mr. Stuhl was 23 when he started teaching, June 19th, 1978, at a year round school. He was teaching a group of kids to try and earn money for law school. He was trying to become something else and accidently found his true passion in teaching. His whole life he always thought he was going to be a lawyer, never anything else.

Mr. Stuhl said that he’s only taught at 2 schools, Dexter McCarty, and currently Gordon Russell. Out of the two schools that he has taught at he said that they were “Both unique in their own ways and he liked them both the same. I loved the staff and all the students and I don’t think it wouldbe fair to favor one over the other.” Besides 6th grade, he’s taught 6th, 7th, and 8th.

The hardest class that Mr. Stuhl said he taught was Strategies For Success. He has taught that class for a couple years now. “All the kids loved it, and I don’t know why. There didn’t seem to be much of a goal, but as long as they enjoyed it, I’m fine.”

His biggest struggle throughout his time teaching was this one class he had, where he had 8 boys who would not stop getting into trouble and distracting others.

Mr. Stuhl says that he doesn’t really have a favorite grade. He says that they’re all great and he likes them all for different reasons. “The 6th graders are closer to my size, the 8th graders are mature so I can have nice adult like conversations with them, and the 7th graders are just right and in the middle.” His favorite class he taught was specifically one of the first classes he ever thought,  a math class in 1981. He still keeps in touch with some of his students from that class.

“I’ve ran a grand total of 7 marathons in my life.” In his free time, he says he loves to garden, read, spend time at his beach house, and walk ‘his’ two dogs. Mr. Stuhl said that the two dogs that he takes care of often are actually his neighbor’s, who just happens to be Mr. Tetz. One is named Bruno, and the other is named Wyatt. Both are 9 years old but not related at all. Besides that, he doesn’t have any other animals.

His favorite event from Gordon Russell is the Special Olympics. And his favorite event from his whole life he said had to be when Mt. St. Helens’ top blew off in 1980.

For his last day here he predicts that he will have mixed emotions and he will probably end up being sad. He doesn’t think that he will ever come back and sub but he says he will definitely come back to help with Special Olympics and 8th grade promotion most years.

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Saying Goodbye to Mr. Stuhl