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Sam Michener: A Visit To Remember

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The Pyeongchang Olympics was an event to remember. Athletes from around the world have been training for the event and officially have had the chance to do it. The Winter Olympics consists of sports like ice skating, snowboarding, and bobsledding. One of America’s bobsledding athletes is named Sam Michener. Sam visited Gordon Russell Middle School aka the school he went to when he was younger. Sam’s day consisted of going to the 8th grade lunch, and visiting classrooms. One of his visits was in his former teacher’s classroom, Mrs.Kahl, room 2.


Before Sam walked into the room, the class prepared multiple questions for him. Everyone was anxious, and the class was roaring with excitement. When he did walk into the room, it was like their voices got sucked out of them, dead silent. The children’s excitement suddenly turned into nervousness. Sam introduced himself to the classroom and accepted the challenge of answering every question the class threw at him. He answered all questions professionally and some of his answers brought life lessons to a lot of kids in the class.


“How did you recover from your recent injury”, asked one of the kids in Mrs. Kahl’s AVID class. He responded with, “I just had to keep trying, sometimes I had good days and other times I had bad days. Michael Phelps, actually one of my good friends, has his good or bad days. There are times he is a slow swimmer and other days he is the fastest.” As the class was filled with seriousness, he relieved it by saying, “I also got a handicap parking pass so it was actually pretty cool”.


Another question that was asked by one of the AVID students was, “ Describe how you and your team work together.” Sam responded by saying, “You find a way to achieve a common goal. No one is above another, we are all equal.” After saying that, looking around the room you could see the kids’ eyes fill with inspiration. “How did you balance school work with sports”, asked another student in the classroom. “I wasn’t that good at school, I actually didn’t get excellent grades. I was too focused in sports. Eventually I realized I should be a student athlete, not an athlete student”, responded Sam.


Overall, Sam isn’t just a bobsledder, he is also seemingly an awesome person. Kids being able to meet him was an experience that could never be forgotten. Hopefully this visit impacted Sam Michener’s life as much as it impacted the Thunderbird students. Sam will never just be an Olympian, he will also always be a student from Gordon Russell Middle School.

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Sam Michener: A Visit To Remember