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Color of Eyes

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Color of Eyes

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Did you know if you have full green eyes you have the rarest eye color of the human race? At 7th and 8th grade lunch I went around asking what people’s favorite color of eyes are. Also I had the help from Mr.Stuhl and he asked his students as well of what their favorite color of eyes are. I got 282 votes!

There was 11 different eye colors which are, Turquoise, Blue and Grey mixed, Blue, Blue and Green mixed, Green, Hazel (green and brown), Brown, Brown and Grey, Grey, Green and grey, and lastly Amber which is a brown and goldish orange. Not surprisingly, blue was the most liked color of eyes. Second and third most liked was brown and hazel. Interestingly the least liked color of eyes was brown and grey mixed. Second and third was turquoise and amber.

Than I asked some of my yearbook and journalism class their opinions. Madisyn Rhodes says ¨I think color of eyes are important because it´s part of your personality.¨

Alina Prozapas states ¨Brown eyes are the cutest because I have them.¨

¨Grey eyes are adorable because they´re grey and grey matches everything.¨ Kyle Tran tells me.

¨Hazel because its my eye color¨ Henry A said.

Luke Anderson said ¨I feel like blue is my favorite color because it’s pretty.¨

Lastly, Ethan Wallace, not in my yearbook class says ¨A lot of people have regular eyes like blue, green, brown, but a MIX of colors is the best.¨

Since blue eyes are the most liked, here are some cool facts about them! People with blue eyes are able to see better in the dark but, are sensitive to light. In photos, they are more likely to get red eyes. Apparently, people with blue eyes are better at strategic thinking as well. Lastly, people with brown eyes have a layer of blue underneath them.

I feel that blue and green mixed is my favorite color of eyes because it reminds me of the earth. The blue and the green just mix perfectly well together, yet everyone seemed to like blue  color of eyes instead. Blue eyes are also good on certain people, so it’s probably my third favorite behind blue and grey. As you can see, blue eyes was the most liked and they are very interesting as well.

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