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Staff vs Students Basketball Game

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         On March 21st, 2018 there was a basketball game at Gordon Russell Middle School. You may already know but it was a Staff vs Students game. To get in it cost $3 or eight T-Bird Awards. The game even included our GRMS principal Mr. Hayden, who played for the staff team.

         Before the game I asked a few GRMS students who they thought would win. “I think staff will win cause they won last year” Emma Yowell, who is a 7th grader at GRMS told me. “Students are gonna win for sure. I feel like the team this year is really good” Yaritza Rivera, also another 7th grader at GRMS said. Mia Lopez, also a 7th grader, said “I don’t know, maybe staff again”.

         As the game started the bleachers in the large gym quickly began to fill up. Five minutes into the game our staff team had a score of 4 and our students team had a score of 6. In the third period of the game the staff team’s score was 31 and the student team’s score was 30. In the fourth period of the game students pulled ahead and had a score of 53 and staff had a score of 37.

During half time the cheerleaders performed a dance. They pulled in a few kids from the bleachers to dance which later turned into a huge group of kids.

         After an incredible game staff ended with a total score of 49 and students had a score of 58. Both teams did an outstanding job and i’m looking forward to the next Staff vs Students game at GRMS. 

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Staff vs Students Basketball Game