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Weird Inventions

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“Accident is the name of the greatest of all inventions” quotes Mark Twain. Inventions are amazing they help entertain us and are over all, great. But some inventions are just plain genius like the Golden Egg Maker and the Levitating Desk Lamp. And I’m here to tell you about 8 inventions that we believe you need to know about.


The Levitating Desk Lamp is a great thing to add to your home. This invention is a light bulb that levitates in the air. The specific lamp I’m talking about is called Flyte. Their lamp is between $250-$400 depending on the model you want to get. The bulb floats because the magnet in the bulb is a different direction than the magnet in the box below. The  bulb will stay lit for 50,000 hours that would be 12 hours a day for eleven years. The light bulb is also shatter proof it is coated with hardened plastic. So what do you think about the Levitating Desk Lamp?


            Have you ever wanted to eat a real golden egg well your in luck because Geraint krumpe of y line product design invented a product that makes real golden eggs.This invention is a kitchen gadget that is easy to use. All you have to do is insert an egg and twist the straps then the egg spins mixing the yoke with the egg white making it all golden,then you boil and enjoy. The Golden Egg Maker ranges from 10-30 dollars depending on where you buy it. Do you think it sounds useful?


Do you ever feel bad about throwing away your leftover crumbs from your cutting board? Well there is a new thing you can use the Cutting Board Bird Feeder. It is a board with holes and a funnel that leads the crumbs from the holes to a container. The container has a open top so the birds can eat from. Would you buy this product?


           Just imagine you could spray lemon juice right from the lemon onto your salad. Well you can get the Citrus Sprayer. The Citrus Sprayer is a spray nozzle that you can insert into any citrus fruit and spray the juice on any food. If you had the citrus sprayer you wouldn’t have to buy the juice. Do you think this product is useful?


Do you hate it when your dog gets wet in the rain? Well there is now a product called the Dogbrella. This is a umbrella but the handle is on the top of the umbrella. The dogbrella also has a leash connected on the underside of the umbrella, so you just connect the leash to your dogs collar. Is this a invention that can help you?


          Do you ever wish submitting or hitting enter on an assignment or something else was more fun. Well it can be with the Big Enter Key. The Big Enter Key is a foam block shaped like an enter key, the Big Enter Key plugs into your computer so it actually works. The Big Enter Key is also good for napping. The Big Enter Key ranges from 10-12 dollars on amazon. Do you think you would like this product?


Do you ever get wet when you fold up your umbrella? Then Jenan Kazim has a thing for you. The Kazbrella this is a umbrella that can fold the opposite way the original umbrella can. The reason it folds this way is so it can catch the water the umbrella has on the top so it doesn’t get all over the floor or on you. This invention is expected to cost $75. Would you buy the Kazbrella?


      Have you ever thought flip phone would be back in style, well they are because android created a three sided flip phone and it’s not what it sounds like. The three sided flip phone looks like a long v shape with a THIRD side, can you believe that. The phone will have a keyboard also. The price of this phone is unknown. Would you enjoy a three sided foldable tent phone?


These inventions could help you or entertain. Some inventions might not work the way they are supposed to. But they all are great ideas like the Citrus Sprayer and the Dogbrella. So maybe if your interested you could buy one of these inventions it might help you or entertain you. Would you buy any of these inventions?

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  1. Diaba on May 22nd, 2018 10:59 pm

    I think this is really good and crazy inventions. I like that you explained the inventions well.I

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