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Strategic Thinking

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You just got fired last week and are desperate for a job. You are in an office waiting for your (hopefully) new boss. Going on in your head are all the possible questions he/she could give you during the interview. What you are doing is called strategic thinking. It has been used throughout all of humanity, but little people know they are doing it. This article will give you an idea of what strategy actually is.


First off, what is strategy? Strategy is plan of action designed to achieve a goal or more. Strategy (although not believed to be) is very important, and was something that has been used to construct our world to what it is today. One idea that supports this claim is how we had a civil war to end slavery, because war is all about strategic planning. Now today, almost everyone, stands together no matter the race. But war isn’t the only place where people use Strategic thinking.


People, kids or adults use strategy everyday. Coaches in football games, kids in dodgeball tournaments, wrestling matches, and even job  interviews are times people use strategic thinking. Everybody in those categories have a plan of action or policy that helps them achieve a goal. If you deny having any skill in strategic thinking, some games that can help are Clash Royale, Chess, Battleship, and checkers. All those games involve the attempt to guess what your opponent is thinking.


Overall, people who excel in strategic thinking have an advantage in overall life. Convincing people and planning things over a long or short period of time are things that they excel in. strategic thinking is something that (if not already) everyone should learn.


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Strategic Thinking