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Top 2 Ongoing Trends of 2017

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2017 had some great trends and some that were the absolute worst.Today I’m focusing on the top 2 favorite ongoing trends of 2017. The top two ongoing trends of 2017 are ripped jeans and velvet.


Ripped jeans were first started in 1980’s during the heavy metal era. Ripped jeans were also popular in the 1990’s – 2000 during the grunge era. Then again in the early 2010’s, ripped jeans came back in style and were worn as a fashion statement. In April 2017, ripped jeans became a new ongoing trend.


“There are many different kinds of velvet, each with a unique look.” states Nicole at Velvet is not a color, it is a type of woven tufted fabric, also considered as a natural fiber. Velvet is super soft. The fabric was presented by a New York fashion model. Velvet became a new fashion on April 2016. Now velvet has been popping up more frequently than it has been ever before.


Ripped jeans was one of the most popular trends that people still wear. Velvet was also one of the most popular ongoing trends. As you can see the top 2 ongoing trends of 2017 are ripped jeans and velvet. 


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Top 2 Ongoing Trends of 2017