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Eagle Creek Fire

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Have you seen the gorge, since the Eagle Creek fire has ruined part of our state? If you have, you’ve probably seen the burnt trees and some still smoking. Some places that we have cherished like Multnomah Falls are now damaged and destroyed. You see, it all started on September 2nd, when a teenager, about fifteen, decided to bring fireworks on a hike that he went on. He and one or two friends lit them and started the fire, causing the gorge to burn nearly 48,000 acres. Thankfully, the fire was almost put out with the help of 1000 firefighters, so we are grateful the fire did not spread here in Gresham. Can you imagine if it did?

The fact that this huge forest fire took place only a few miles away is crazy. I mean, your friends or family could have been some of the people who were in danger. Veronica Gates, from Gordon Russell, even stated, “It was hard to receive the call from my grandma, saying the house I loved so much had been burned to the ground. Driving by Multnomah Falls is even harder for me though.”

Just in one night, the fire grew 3,000 acres. Eventually, it started to spread so far where it had a slight chance of coming to Troutdale. In the end, I think all of us should be thankful for the work from the firefighters and people who helped put out this fire to keep us protected.

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Eagle Creek Fire