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     Have you ever been late to buy a yearbook? If you have, this is your time to buy it for ONLY 20 DOLLARS ! Yearbooks can last forever but your memories won’t. If you do not buy one right now after spring break the yearbooks will turn to $25. If you are in 6th grade this year is your first year at GRMS! You are going to want to keep these amazing memories. We asked some people some questions on the yearbook.


Question: Why do you think buying a yearbook is important?



     Neftali in 7th grade said “I think in my opinion that a yearbook is important because if you played for GRMS athletic teams for any sport or activity (like SUN)it can help for the future purposes if needed.”


     Angel in 8th grade said “I think that yearbooks are important because it’s a way that you can remember your friends. And a way to look back to your past when your grown up.”


Question: What are the best things about the yearbook?

Answer :

     Neftali said  “The best things in a yearbook that I have had would be looking back at the staff that have always been there and helped me going or just for supporting me. I like how it helps me at my worst moments just looking back and realizing how far I have come.”


      Angel said “Other people should buy a yearbook because it’s a way that you can remember your friends and events that happened throughout the year like Halloween,costumes,socials,and other events.”

Question: Why should other people buy a yearbook?


Answer :  

     Neftali said “Other people should buy yearbooks because it could help them to realize many things or also to inspire them to keep going. It’s also fun to just get your friends to sign them and leave a positive comment. It might also be another way to meet new people. Or in some cases when it’s time for graduation and to make the decision for who you’re going to invite to your graduation, you can look back and see if there’s any staff who have greatly impacted you and invite them. To see that they have made a big change in your life.”


     Angel said “Other people should buy a yearbook because they could see all the cool events that we do,such as socials, parties, food drives and many other events. Also people like to remember with friends.”

So come buy a yearbook before it is too late!


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