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Food Review: Mushrooms

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Mushrooms have more similar DNA  to humans than to plants. How? Mushrooms have similar skin to humans which both produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. In fact when you put a Shiitake Mushroom open to the sunlight for approximately 8 hours then the mushroom’s gills open up producing vitamin D a lot more times than a mushroom usually does.

Yes, mushrooms have gills and at first when I heard of this I believed it to be nonsense and not true. According to a website called “Mushroom Experts” these gills are often located under the shell like structure of a mushroom. Also stated by “ Mushroom Experts,” they are used to reproduce and spread.

Mushrooms are very rich in Dietary fiber, protein, folate, vitamin C, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Vitamin D, and much more. A question many of you may have is “ Are mushrooms fruits or vegetables?” Well, they are neither, in fact they are a special type of fungus. As you can see mushrooms are a very nutritious and special fungus to add to your diet and can be delicious according to my taste. I personally think mushrooms are okay to eat taste wise (⅗ stars), but if you like to eat healthy then follow your instincts.

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Food Review: Mushrooms