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     Many kids were talking about the unplanned fire drill at Gordon Russell Middle School. It happened when Eyin Senteno was at 1st period in P.E., and made a shot playing basketball. It would have been a boss shot, but he missed causing a 1 in 100,000 chance of making it hit the fire alarm.

     Meanwhile kids were tired and confused because it was 1st period. Also Andro Girgis said, “Hold up is this real?” The point is nobody knew. Many of those who were in P.E. for 1st period had to stand out in the open rain. Many were freezing cold and shivering, for they weren’t wearing rain coats or something to keep them dry. I guess it was just bad luck.

     I spoke to Alex Lowery who says he was there playing basketball with Eyin and says “It’s true I was playing basketball with him.” Even though it was rare and kind of cool it was raining extremely hard outside causing everyone to get drenched. The crowd of confusion was filled with questions and guesses. Those who witnessed it told the crowd and the word spread from there faster than intended. Unfortunately, some had gotten sick but luckily some had managed not to get a cold or a fever. 

     As it turns out they’re getting a plastic cover for the alarm. But we can say it won’t happen again… At least not in the gym anyway.


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