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Ms. Lim-Pardo Social Studies Extraordinaire

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‘’Getting to know my students in various ways inspires me to teach”Ms. Lim-Pardo said. Ms. Lim-Pardo is an 8th grade social studies teacher at Gordon Russell Middle School. Ms. Lim-Pardo sees herself teaching in 10 years. Before she was a taught at Gordon Russell she was a Preschool teacher at Multnomah Village in Portland, and before that she was a college counselor.


Ms. Lim-Pardo was born in Portland. Growing up she had one sister. When I asked her if she remembered an embarrassing moment from her childhood she talked about a story when she was lost in a mall on Halloween. She was so distraught she started crying, eventually she couldn’t see because of the tears, and she won’t dress up as a witch because of that memory. When Ms. Lim-Pardo was in school she played volleyball, basketball, participated in choir, and leadership.


When Ms. Lim-Pardo isn’t at school she is most likely with family, friends, or just relaxing watching the Blazers, college volleyball, women’s basketball, or cooking. Ms. Lim-Pardo has artistic abilities, and awesome cheerleading skills. Ms. Lim-Pardo’s favorite movie is Mean Girls, because the characters were about her age when it came out. In her opinion it’s the best Christmas/Halloween movie.  Her favorite T.V Show is Modern Family, because she likes how you can watch random episodes in different orders, and it doesn’t matter


Some of Ms. Lim-Pardos family lives in the Philippines, and she hopes to go visit her family next year, but for now the only thing she has of her family is the ocean. Her family looks at the same ocean, so when she sees the ocean she thinks of her family.


Ms. Lim-Pardo is a great new addition to the Gordon Russell staff. If you see her in the halls make sure to stop by and say hi!


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Ms. Lim-Pardo Social Studies Extraordinaire