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Dr. Perera Visits G.R.M.S

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     “I learned that it doesn’t matter where you came from, it just matters what’s in your heart and your head.” said one of the students of the first 6th grade AVID class responding to Dr.Perera’s speech.

     On November 6th, the Gresham Barlow School District Superintendent visited the district’s very 1st 6th grade AVID team. She gave an inspirational speech about her life talking about what gave her motivation to further pursue her future. With a doctorate degree from the University Of Virginia that took 4 years she still had enough time to wedge in for playing in the colleges women’s basketball program, until she fractured her knee. Dr. Perera also talked about her 2 twin daughters who are currently in college and her husband. She won the Super-intendent of the Year award in 2015. After her speech Dr. Perera answered questions that the sixth graders prepared for her before she came.

     During her visit Dr. Perera answered questions our AVID class wrote for her. Most of them included what she did in college or how hard it was to graduate but some of the best questions came on how she overcame living in an all boy’s neighborhood. One great question was.“What is the hardest thing to do as a SuperIntendent?”

     She answered easily with,”Firing people, because that’s against everything I stand for.”

     Another great question written by a AVID squad was,”What was the hardest part of attending college.” she replied with,“The hardest part of college was how I had to get a math tutor for my grades.” Her math tutor ended up being her husband. Overall we are proud to have Dr. Perera not just attending this school but superIntending.

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Dr. Perera Visits G.R.M.S